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About us

Hotel La Cepada was founded in 2001 as a result of the impetus of Jose Manuel Martinez. Throughout this years, the popular "Salas" has worked together with a great team of professionals.

José Manuel Martínez studied agricultural Vocational Education, in Luces, Colunga. He later worked in Bar del Puerto in Lastres and then ended up in Cangas de Onis, specifically at Los Arcos restaurant. After a long learning period, at the end of the last century, he took the big leap into opening La Cepada Hotel and El Cenador de los Canonigos Restaurant with his family.

Both are a reference of the hospitality of the East of Asturias. His restless and innovative nature have made it possible for him to receive several awards, among one which is the Gastronomic Excellence, awarded by the Government of the Principality of Asturias. In addition, his establishments have all the hallmarks of quality tourism and environmental management.

Hotel La Cepada is also one of the first hotels in the North of Spain that has the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification. Restless and innovative, his winery is one of the most prestigious in Asturias. His experience in the world of wine allows him to be able to advise his clients and friends to find the best match with his cuisine, which always seeks a renewal of textures and flavors on the basis of the wide gastronomic tradition of Asturias.

Jose Manuel Martinez, “Salas”, is also a member of the Gastronomic Association “Entrefogones”, where he currently holds the position of President.

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Oour team

 José Manuel Martínez “Salas”. CEO

Abdou Benkhadda. Reception and reservations

 Pilar Ferro. Reception yand restaurant